Daniel Lee, CEO

With an ever-expanding knowledge base of technology and a relentless drive to help people, Daniel’s main objective is get you and your technology on the same side. He doesn’t consider the job done when everything is up and running; it’s done when technology becomes your ally.

Prior to forming DL Connect, Daniel had worked as an employee for multiple IT service providers. Daniel has worked in many facets of the IT industry – as a Technician, Account Manager, and a Project Manager. Daniel’s people-first ideology has reshaped the relationship between solution-provider and client. Acting as both a technician and technical advisor, Daniel takes pride in helping his clients better understand the complexities of information systems and security.

Our Focus

Simply put: our focus is on you.

We started off as technicians, so we’re well-acquainted with what it takes to get the job done. But believe it or not, our focus is not on making sure things are working. Our focus is to make sure that what you have is working for you. Otherwise, what’s the point in using all of this technology?

Whether it’s deploying a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure that allows for remote access wherever you are, or a business continuity solution that ensures your company isn’t left high and dry when a technical emergency happens – we’ve got you covered.

Our Clients

We work with clients of all different sizes and industries. However, we’ve found that our ideal clients are growing organizations that are approaching the next level of business. That’s where we shine – helping our clients grow exponentially!